Clare Community Games


Clare Community Games is a voluntary sporting organisation, sponsored by St. Francis Credit Union.  Clare Community Games is affiliated with the National Community Games body in Ireland and we provide opportunities for children and young people to grow and develop in a positive and healthy way while experiencing a wide range of sporting and cultural activities.  To find out more, get in touch with us or with your local area secretary.

How it works...

There are a huge range of both team and individual sporting and cultural activities available for children aged between 6 and 16.  Community Games is organised geographically by Area, County and Province.  For individual events, competitions would normally take place at local Area level, with the top few entries going forward to the County finals.  Children must compete for the Area in which they reside. County winners will generally then progress to the National finals.  For team events, each area will generally send one or two teams to the County finals and then the winning team progresses to the Munster Provincial finals, with the winning Munster teams going through to the National finals.

See the Event Section of the Community Games website to see what activities are available.  A full list of events and rules can be downloaded as a single PDF, which is very useful. There is also a handy age calculator which enables you to see what events are available in the different age groups. Note that the age cutoff for Community Games is 31st July each year.

Currently each Area Secretary collects a €3 entry fee per county entrant. Team events incur additional fees to cover referee costs. If individuals or teams progress to Munster or National Finals, then there are additional entry fees collected by Munster or National Community Games.